Directors Letter March 2014

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Thanks for the many expressions of care and concern for Brenda after her recent medical emergencies. I am happy to tell you that she has now had her first check up back in Johannesburg and the cardiologists have pronounced themselves well pleased, and do not need to see her for another three months.ƒƒ Brenda is doing well and her energy levels are coming back at good rate.

Since last months letter our Project Manager Johannes Simelane and myself have visited the community at Vusweni where we are doing some basic skills training and we were able to purchase some furniture. We supplied some extra equipment as you can see form the pictures and they are now thinking about the workshop being relocated and being placed near a new clinic that is being built. This could give the work more exposure, and a donation that is coming from friends in Dallas should make this transition possible.


We also managed a project of establishing a pre-school building at a place called Nkhaba, fifty kilometres from Mbabane. The funding was supplied by Changing Futures. We helped to get the work done.

We were approached for help from Scripture Union Swaziland which is struggling financially and have been able to donate R10,000 to help them through their difficulties thus ensuring that they continue their work in schools which is so vital.

We are receiving many requests for assistance from school principals because the Government, anxious to provide free education at all levels of primary schools have informed the schools that they are no longer able to charge what is known as top-up fees.™ These are the fees that lay between what the government pays and the school charges for orphaned and vulnerable children. Since this source of revenue is being cut many of the schools are now in crisis mode and cannot find enough funding for equipment and in some cases for food. We cannot rush to supply these needs which are huge but we try to help as creatively as we can, and we are looking forward to being able to complete the third phase of the project we started with Kuhlahla school which is the provision of just under 100 school uniforms, which our Rotary friends in Canterbury and St Gratien have committed to help with.

I am pleased to say that since its reception the Rocking Horse project has now been involved in providing care for 32 children suffering with terminal illness and this work is growing exponentially. We are offering all the support that we can practically and financially.

Of special concern is the fact that because of changes in the ownership and management of the college where we have held the annual camp for youth the price has risen very sharply and it will now cost GBP30.00 per youth which is beyond the reach of most of our young people. We have subsidised this camp quite heavily each year, but this is beyond us this time and we would appreciate help. The camp is usually held at the beginning of May. If you could sponsor one young person or more then this would be hugely appreciated. Contributions can be sent to our chairperson whose address is on this web site.

Thank you for every expression of support we receive, and be sure that we appreciate the privilege of being able to serve the people of Swaziland.

Yours sincerely,

Ken and Brenda Jefferson


Claypotts Trust